A Synonym for powerful and dynamic music with vitality


Powerful brass sets coupled with impulsive rhythms, easy listening passages
followed by rousing beats…

The name and brand “Powerbrass” expresses our unique, powerful and rhythmical sound.

Swiss Powerbrass is a young and innovative brass band established in 2002 in Buochs, Switzerland.


The 55 young and young-hearted band members with their unique blend of horns
and rhythms give popular music a new genre that continues to fascinate the audience, encourage their participation and carry them away to dreams of exuberant celebrations.





31.05.2014 WM-Vorbereitungscamp, Weggis
14.06.2014 Haut-Doubs (France)
30.08.2014 Neuinstrumentierung Musikverein Hitzkirch
10. - 19.09.2014

25th Shanghai Tourism Festival





Swiss Powerbrass

P.O.Box 312, CH-6374 Buochs, Switzerland


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